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Here are a few comments from previous buyers.

Thank you so much for everything you have done and thank you for the
absolutely wonderful puppy.
Medicine Hat, Alberta


Anyways, all in all we are extremely happy customers. I could not ask for a better dog. You would know better than I whether the personalities change much with a pup as he grows older. But if he continues to be such a mellow, happy guy, I will be ecstatic. I will definitely send you a picture now and again.

Karen, Regina, Saskatchewan


As you said, Cathy, we certainly got the right puppy for us!  We are totally in love with him and he is very happy! :) :) :)




Christina (and Raghu), Victoria


I haven’t been in touch lately and thought you might appreciate an update.  Our vet says what a super healthy little pup she is. Cathy, I did say I would post comments on your web site, but have no idea how to do this.  I went to your web site at west coat westies but could not determine how to add anything.  Let me know and I will do so, or feel free to post this note yourself.  I would like people to know how truly loveable and sociable your puppies are, both with people and other dogs, Tess has the sweetest disposition and as we both know, she was surely the feistiest pup in the litter.  I will send new pictures soon,

Nora and Bob, Maple Ridge


Also just wanted to thank you for everything and understanding our situation
we were going through. You are a very wonderful and understanding person.

Wanda, Nanaimo


Hi Cathy, how are you doing? I hope you had a nice Christmas. I wanted you to see a picture of Lily! She is an amazing puppy, we are so happy with her, thank you so much.
I hope you are doing well, please stay in touch
Nicole &
Steven, Victoria


She is a wonderful dog, her temperment is lovely, everybody just falls in love with her.


I just love her to bits, and I couldn't wish for a better dog.  We still have some training to get through but she is very intelligent and keeps me on my toes.


Thank you again for a beautiful dog.




Pamela & Poppy, Victoria


Thanks again for our wonderful addition to our family. Are all Westies this wonderful or just Clover? Sincerely, Linda and Ken, Abbotsford, BC

Hi Cathy
We purchased our girls, Piper and Tallie from you on March 19, 2011.
It’s been almost a year now, and they have proven to be the most wonderful dogs imaginable.
As you know, we debated about getting two littermates at the same time, but I must say that we made the best decision ever!
Having the two puppies at once was more work at first, but is well worth it.  Your website says that you are particularly careful about breeding for temperament , and our girls are the best tempered Westies ever!  They are not barky at all and are kind and friendly to everyone in our family and everyone they meet.  Tallie, who was the smallest in the litter is especially sweet and kind, but is also the first of our girls to go and investigate if there is a strange noise or a movement in our yard.  She is still tiny....only about 15 pounds, but is one tough little cookie.  She is a snuggler who loves to cuddle up to her kids or our 13 year old Westie, Kinchie.  They are really good friends and love one another lots.  Piper, who was the largest girl in the litter, is quite a big girl, weighing in at about 20 lbs, but she is a very kind and mellow personality.  She has adopted me, particularly, and is always the one at my feet when I am in the kitchen or climbing up for a cuddle during tv time.  She is very careful about knowing where everyone in the house is, and always goes to investigate if any of our children get out of bed in the middle of the night or get up early.  They both love playing together constantly, and let our older girl join into the play when she wants.  They seem to instinctively know that she is a senior citizen and tone their unabated puppiness down to include her in their games. 
Just wanted to let you know how happy we are with the girls, and to let you know that they are very happy in their new home.
Thanks so much again....
The Reiter Family, Victoria, B.C.


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