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West Coast Westies

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I have been a veterinarian for 25 years.  I graduated from the Ontario Veterinary College in Guelph.  At present I own a small animal practice in Qualicum Beach, BC.


I love animals and have always been breeding and raising something, most of my life, from rabbits as a child to sheep, chickens and ducks, to pigs (I had 500 at one point), to horses and miniature donkeys (had 31 in North Carolina) and most lately, dogs.


I have been breeding dogs for several years now and have made the decision to concentrate on my favourite breed, the West Highland White Terrier.  I have always admired the breed for their feisty attitude and loyalty, and what could be more fun than a house full of Westies?


I live on acreage so my dogs have lots of room to run.  I also have 3 horses.  The dogs live in the house with me, so we have a pretty busy little household here.  I take turns bringing the dogs to the clinic, so all get well socialized and lots of attention.


I am striving to breed a top quality dog that is true to the breed.  I have  imported what I hope will be a champion sire from the UK.  Also, I have purchased some excellent lines from the US that I am hoping will further improve my breeding program, and most recently I have imported a female from Hungary that I obtained from another veterinarian, and actually have now acquired another female from this same breeder.
I think that personality is a very important part of the selection process and I am refining my breeding program as I go along to focus on temperament.  Westies should be friendly and outgoing but never overly aggressive.
Of all the breeds of dogs, the Westies have won my heart.  I think it's their loyalty and devotion that wins me.  They are everything a dog should be and definitely part of the family.

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